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The Earth and Spirit Council, Natural Way, Indigenous Voices Speaker Series and Internet Wisdom Education Program.

The Earth & Spirit Council (ESC)is a 501(c)(3) educational organization that hosts three programs dedicated to strengthening our connection with the natural world.

The Natural Way: Indigenous Voices Series
A live speakers’ series in Portland OR, featuring Indigenous Elders & teachings.

The Internet Wisdom Education Program (i-WE)
DVD and Internet sharing of Elder wisdom.

Earth Arts North West
Eco-Arts Learning for Children

Formed in 1991, ESC's mission is, “To reawaken our spiritual connection to the Earth and engage ourselves and others in Earth-conscious living.”

For many years we have recorded our elders and speakers at the Natural Way program and archived their video and audio recordings for posterity. Now, modern technology enables people all around the globe to have the same teachings that are available to those in NW Oregon and SW Washington. Here you can listen to the elders speak as well as access and purchase DVD’s of their talks and personal interviews. We call this our new Internet Wisdom Education Program or i-WE.

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Larry Hawk, Development Director
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1 (971) 207-7008
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