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10% donation of sale to RED! 15+ years festival booth for sale. 15,000 items, job lot, BELOW WHOLESALE


10% donation of sale to RED!
more pics below:

15+ years festival booth for sale -- 15,000 items, job lot, BELOW WHOLESALE
$15,000 Starting bid, partial trades considered... includes some wood crates and clothing racks and tables...TBD -- I also am selling another 20+ year Flea Market / Antiques and Collectibles Booth, that I use the same boxes, tables and display cases, so, I guess the best offer / trade gets first choice depending on the offer...

people who reconise me and this description, call and email me asking why I am selling, I desire to make some changes in my business plans -- and please call if you have any how much $ $ $ I averaged per event...

Once you start going through this awesome inventory and possibility....and then think about adding your own stuff...the possibilities are available, TBD

I also have more boxes of inventory that I don't have the room to bring. I usually only bring enough to last a weekend. There are many more boxes of rocks, shells, new spiritual self help books, and new shrinkwraped new age techno dance trance CD's, suit cases of clothes, I used both electric lights and LP gas lights, I refilled those small green tanks for .25 each and if you take care of the mantles...they can last a few festivals saving $3 per package of two...I have lots of experience and tricks to save money that turns out to help make even more money....

Here are some of my hand outs I have written and given away for many years...

I love to TRADE!!! It is the purest form of distribution...

I will be offering: travel place mats $1, some boxed art goes from $1 to $50 each. And yes, boxed art also gets cheaper by the stack.

Necklaces, Silver Rings, bracelets, Ear rings, Beads, Pendants, ear studs, trinkets, tokens, buttons, rocks, slabs, agates and more. nic nacs, alter items, brass vases and items, handmade bags, hemp products, and very unique items made out of gold, brass, bone, shell, wood, leather and silver, imported items also.

There are 5000 to over 15,000 items (estimate) ranging from prices of .25 to $175 for the hand carved antique amber bottle. Most pieces of Jewelry start at $1 to $2000. Everything gets cheaper by the handful... show contact info -- must be willing to learn the craft of festival pop up events set up, going, the art of trading, letting the little ones shop and trade,

I can also help you with setting up and display -- TBD....
there are over 15,000+ items....or more....must see...can bring out boxes, crates and tables for viewing and looking at the inventory first hand...

Welcome to Terry's Trading Post: Eclectiques and More.
"Where everything gets cheaper by the handful." In other words... I give volume discounts on our refurbished, used, eclectic, collectible and unique items from all over the world. Musical instruments, Jewelry, Necklaces, Love Beads, Silver Rings, Ear rings, Beads, Bracelets, Pendants, Ear studs, Trinkets, Alter Items, Tokens, Coins, Stamps, Post cards, Art: Vintage, Antique, and Collectible. Original, Lithographs, Pictures, Prints, Buttons, Stickers, Labels, Beads, Wall hangers, Incense holders, Gem Rocks, Agates, statues, stickers, New Age self help books, new tech-no trans-dance chill out CD's, new spiritual self help books, Tie Dye T-shirts, nic nacs, hemp products, hand bags, wallets, and very cool items made out of gold, brass, bone, shell, wood, eel skin, leather and silver. I also give out a free sea shell for every little shopper! And I do love to trade! Call if you need help finding anything.
541-3 2 4-3 1 5 1 Reusing, Recycling, and Refurbishing for over 35 years :-)

Terry's Trading Post has been a "Peoples Childerens Favorite" booth / vendor for the past 2 to 6 years at the Peace Village Festival (Larry Morningstar); Hope Mountain Barter Faire (Stacy); Mystic Garden Party / Gathering (Phil); and Jefferson State Music Festival and Hemp Expo /(Erik Vestnes) 20th Annual Mothers Day Powwow in Grantpass oregon, and many small events at Jackson Wellsprings (Jerry Lerberger)

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