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Trading Post Updates


Through careful deliberation we have decided as a RED community that our Trading Post will honor Healers and medicine oriented practices under the category of "Traditional Healing Methods." A Traditional Healing Method is a practice or art form of medicine that comes from one of the four directions or four medicine bundles. This could otherwise be called a "Lineage." We are encouraging all who fall into new-age, hybridized categories to add their businesses to the Sustainable Wellness Guide or to the Webspirit Community, as the audiences there are more receptive to this kind of business.

We also want to make it clear that listings should not sell ceremonies of any kind, as we believe ceremony should not be advertised or sold.

Another change has been the updating of the Trading Post to list the Primary phone number instead of the Secondary phone number on business listings (this was obvious).

We are seeking to have all interested parties review and participate in the Trading Post. You can now attach documents, pictures, videos, and audio files to your business listings! Additionally, you can sell your items and engage in real-life bartering.

Remember, we are not trying to become the next US Dollar exchange system. We want people to become active, intelligent, and engaged with their trading and bartering. Figure it out in real life, all we intend to do is give you that opportunity.