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Elder~Youth Conference THIS WEEK!

Red Earth Descendants' Elder~Youth Conference officially begins tomorrow!

Loose schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, June 15 ~ Set-up, settle in, get acquainted with each other.
Thursday, June 16 ~ Teachings and other activities.
Friday, June 17 ~ Teachings and other activities (weaponry courses will be this day).
Saturday, June 18 ~ Grandma Aggie's Salmon Ceremony!

(click under picture to 'read more' for further information!)

Under 'teachings and other activities,' we don't have a set schedule. In our usual tradition, we wait until
the elders and the people show up and we open that avenue to how our elders and teachers would
like it to go. We understand this is somewhat frustrating to those who would like to know what is
happening and when. But it's how our elders have taught us to host gatherings, and we've always
had very amazing teachings when we host in this way.

We do know we'll have plenty of shinny gaming (stickball games), weaponry courses, Ceremony, crafting, fishing,
cooking for the kids with traditional foods, possibly some tracking, storytelling ~ and the MOST important
thing we'll have for the kids and each other is the chance to camp out for an extended period of time
in a tribal, community setting and simply be together, as human beings. Elder~Youth camp is a place
to slow down and practice living in the old way, the healthier way of being close to Earth, being
sustainable with each other and with the land. It's a place for the kids to practice service and respect
for their elders, a place for elders to teach the youngers, and a place to honor and support Grandma Aggie's
sacred duty ~ to pray for the return and the health of the salmon in our region.

Some things to remember about this camp:

~Even though we encourage people to come on out and camp, we understand many of our elders and families in the R.E.D.
community can't come out all four days. PLEASE know you are welcomed to attend when you can! If you can only come
out for a day, that's perfectly o.k.! We'd love to have you out.
~If you DO plan to camp, please bring camping gear and lanterns, lights, candles. We will provide most the food and water.
~The camp is FREE to the public! :)
~It is advised we bring tick repellent, and the grass is high and it's that time of the year.
~For other reminders, see list on prior email sent out earlier this week.
~Cell service is iffy out there, so keep that in mind.
~If you need to know exactly WHERE this is, MapQuest from your location to
Applegate Lake, and it will lead you right to Kanaka Flats. The camp will be
well-marked--you turn right off Upper Applegate Road RIGHT BEFORE THE DAM
at Applegate Lake.

Also, see the website for other information:

We are excited and looking at absolutely PERFECT weather for the Elder~Youth Camp and Salmon Ceremony. What a blessing!

If you have last-minute questions, please call:

541-941-5989 or 541-890-3529

Thanks and hope to see some of you out in the Applegate!

Red Earth Descendants