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Native Presence at Gaia Festival, August 5-7

Wild Embers, in collaboration with Red Earth Descendants, will have a table in the Longhouse village at the upcoming Gaia Festival, August 5-7, at the old Hog Farm (circa Woodstock era) in Northern California. Featured will be Ed Little Crow's "A Opchine WaLa Ohkon" and a NEW RELEASE of "Ghost Rider Roads" ~ collected essays from old AIM years, including work by Ben Carnes, Judy Gumbo Albert, Barry Bachrach and Robert Robideau (RIP). John Trudell will also be performing in the Longhouse Village all three days of the Festival. Click "read more."

Gaia Festival is in Laytonville, CA. For more information about the Festival, schedule of performances, etc., please visit: