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Thank You To Whistling Elk Singers

R.E.D. would like to thank our home Drum, Whistling Elk Singers, for hitting the road many times a year and representing our community in a good way. The responsibility carried by members of this Drum is more than many people realize. They have, on average, two or more weekly commitments to attend, along with their jobs, school work and family responsibilities. Click "read more" under photos.

Drum members are not paid, so all their work is volunteer (occasional gas money thrown in there when traveling is involved). The Drum is asked to be many places--Powwows, house-blessings, Memorials, community celebrations and events, Sundance Ceremonies, and of course all the R.E.D. events throughout the year, including Socials, Storytelling Conference, Benefits, Elder~Youth Conference, Grandma Aggie's Salmon Ceremony and then weekly practices. Just this past month, Whistling Elk has performed at the Benefit for Grandma Aggie, SOU Spring Powwow, the Springfield Indian Education Powwow, the South Umpqua Powwow for the Children and the Cesar Chavez Celebration sponsored by Unete/Natives of One Wind Indigenous Alliance. The 'boys' have a lot of fun, but the other side of that fun is that the commitment takes a lot of work and TIME as well. We have a multi-generational Drum, including youth and elders, which truly allows relations to expand and be very healthy for the members and their families. We thank all you singers and families for dedicating huge portions of your lives to this sacred way of being around this Drum.