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How to Prepare for World Peace and Prayer Day 2015

We've had a lot of inquiries lately about camping at Howard Prairie Lake Resort while attending World Peace and Prayer Day June 18-21, and here is the low-down about HOW to do this--to reserve your camp site at Howard Prairie, simply call the Jackson County Parks Department, 541-774-8183, during their open hours, to reserve your space. They will tell you what camp sites will be close to the gathering. The fee is $18 per night, and they will let you know how to go about reservations and payment. Click "read more" below for more important information. The area where World Peace and Prayer Day will be held is right next to the Howard Prairie Resort store, café and marina.

We've also noticed that there are many questions about what to expect, what to bring, etc. I've copied and pasted (below) information right off our website which should help answer some of these questions. The WPPD website has all this information as well, plus much more, so please take a close look at the website if you plan to attend:

Also attached is a rough schedule of the daily activities. This is subject to change, as elders and speakers may have different needs and schedules to adhere to. We haven't yet plugged speakers into time slots as we are waiting for their individual feedback and schedules.

We will do our best to meet the needs of the community during this gathering. We do want to emphasize that with any kind of spiritual gathering, it is your responsibility to come prepared, self-sufficient, and know what to expect and how to conduct yourself. R.E.D. is hosting this gathering in a way that allows our community to step in and participate, to help host for our out-of-town guests. This is a very indigenous practice. We welcome volunteers, support and help. Please remember we are sponsoring and/or hosting over 50 elders/teachers/speakers and their families, and in order to do this in a good way, we need our own community to be self-sufficient. We are offering this gathering free to the public, including a community kitchen that will serve meals throughout the four days. In exchange, we ask that you prepare yourselves and your families and tend to your personal needs so that we may work together to be exemplary hosts for World Peace and Prayer Day, honoring the vision and work of Arvol Looking Horse and indigenous activists across the globe.

Thank you,
Red Earth Descendants
Current Needs

Thank you generous community! It’s happening…..

In your own way, from wherever you are, see it all happening in the most beneficial ways, remembering every action can be a powerful living prayer.
Spread the Word!, Encourage your friends, family & organizations. Put up fliers, promote through social media sources, post to your e-mail lists and facebook pages.
$ needed for essentials that are not donated such as airline tickets, accommodations, required insurance, food, generators, porta potties…
Donate here – thank you!
$ Sponsor travel (airline tickets) and accommodations for our Elders, Speakers and other Guests- RV’s, Tents, Rooms at Hotels, Motels, host homes appreciated.
Numerous EZ-ups (event tents)
for kitchen area, first aid and other areas. generator, main stage
Kitchen/Food donations
All very appreciated- local and organic is preferred as this will support local farmers, gardeners and beneficial earth practices.
Kitchen requests – coffee, tea, juices, sweeteners, eggs, salad dressings, salt, pepper, deserts, vegan choices, large pots and pans, baking sheets, BBQ Grills, coffee makers. Contact Stephanie 541-488-3266
Drivers and vehicles needed
for transportation from/to airport and up and down the mountain.
Volunteers needed
~ for set up, hospitality, kitchen, green team, runners, back-up, making signs and…

We invite you to not merely attend this gathering, but be a part of making it happen in a good way, with true hospitality, taking care of ourselves and each other. Some considerations and things you can do to help. Thank you!

Please respect the sacredness of this gathering at all times. This is a ceremonial event.
All recording devices are not permitted during the speakers time or during any ceremonies or of the fire. Please respect this and turn off devices at these times.
If you see Elders or others needing help such as setting up a tent, carrying wood etc. offer to help them.
Yes, our bodies are sacred and beautiful. Because we are an extremely diverse community, with many traditional Elders in attendance, please wear modest and respectful attire at all times. Woman are invited to follow tradition and wear long skirts or wraps during the ceremony on Sunday, the 21st.
Pick up trash, recycle it, breathe, pick up trash, recycle it, breathe.
Offer to bring something/someone up or down the mountain. (Check the community message board at Hospitality booth.)
Let’s make this a zero waste event- bring your own dish, cup, bowl, utensils, napkin, water bottle…
Wash a Dish. Smile. Scrub a pan. Dry. Rinse a cup. Tell a joke~ a good joke!
Parent/Guardian Super-Vision needed at all times and everyone keep an extra eye on the kids, especially around the fire, the kitchen and the water.
Pets need to be on leash at all times and out of the ceremonial fire and kitchen areas.
Stay sober and present. We appreciate you, actually, being there.
No alcohol, illegal drugs or weapons are allowed on premises. For the sake of peaceful focus, Cannabis, including for medical/spiritual use, needs to stay out of event area. Thank you for understanding.
Drink plenty of water and stay rested.
Each of us has something to share and also something to learn from each other. Let’s extend our peace, patience, kindness and genuine respect for all life and each other by being the peace and the prayer that we want to see.
What to Bring

Let’s make this a zero waste event – bring your own dish, cup, bowl, utensils. napkin
For your comfort, bring a camp chair, blanket, flashlight, healthy snacks, water bottle…
Be prepared for all weather conditions including extreme heat, cold and/or rain.
Bring a seasoned log or two for the fire.
Bring a donation for the kitchen (everything very appreciated, local and organic preferred, to support our locals farmers, gardeners and sustainable earth practices)
Bring a bag of tobacco to share.
Bring something for the Give-Away.
There are likely to be mosquitoes, cool evenings and sunshine, so cover up as needed.

What usually happens is that we have a giveaway on behalf of the earth. We usually invite everyone to bring a gift during June 21 after the prayer ceremony – we have this huge tarp- something that’s down on ground and everybody puts their gifts in the middle and then we have different people come up and receive a gift and they choose it themselves, so dignitaries first – then everybody lines up, comes in and takes a gift and everyone shake hands – but it’s from everyone that attends – everyone brings a gift – just to clarify that portion and as far as what you’re doing with the giveaway – you know it could just be a Memorabilia tee shirt or handmade gifts or whatever for the dignitaries that you want to offer but just to remind you that usually it is with all who attend for the giveaways – and it’s about the honoring of Mother Earth. It usually is huge and exchanging – some people bring a truck full and others a scarf – some people forget. so it always enough in the end.