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World Peace and Prayer Day Ceremony 2016

On the brink of this 21st annual honoring of World Peace and Prayer Day, people across the world have been instructed and encouraged by Chief Arvol Looking Horse to pray in their own sacred places on June 21 with focus on bringing peace and balance into our collective consciousness by connecting to the land. . .to our Mother Earth. However you choose to honor this day, we are grateful for your attention to the social and environmental concerns facing us during this time of change and conflict. Click "read more" below picture to see more.

Friends of R.E.D. will be hosting a ceremonial fire from sunrise to Noon on June 21, if you so choose to come and offer tobacco to this fire.

Where: LaDue's home/farm
6897 Wagner Creek Road, Talent.
When: Sunrise to Noon, June 21, 2016--drop in anytime
between these hours to offer your prayer with

When you arrive at the address above, drive the little gravel driveway to a parking area between the house and the barn--walk around the back of the house and look for the tipi--you will then see the fire.

Thank you for holding this prayer strong in your minds, hearts and spirits. It is possible for us to work together to shift the harms created by human impact on this planet, and we appreciate your conscientious effort to help make a difference.

Happy Summer Solstice! In peace and solidarity~