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Solidarity with Standing Rock ~ No Dakota Access Pipeline

R.E.D. will host a second rally and gathering of updates/information next Saturday, September 10 @ Noon on the Ashland Plaza. Similar to last week, we will open with a prayer and will launch into sharing updates and accurate information.

A reminder that a vehicle is leaving for Sacred Stone Camp early this week to bring donated items to women and children, including school supplies for the Home-School program they have, warm clothing, blankets, essential supplies, etc.. A drop-off site is 424 Helman Street--front porch. Go to "read more" under the photos. . .

Also, a HUGE thank you and shout-out to our community for donating a generous $613.77 to send to the camps on behalf of our Southern Oregon Solidarity for Standing Rock movement. I will send to the main PayPal account set up through the official Sacred Stone site. If you have Facebook and want to see the official news from the source, go to "Sacred Stone Camp." All donation requests and other pertinent information is on that page. R.E.D. has also set up a page on Facebook entitled "Solidarity with Standing Rock" which will have information about local support we can give.

Thank you for being the amazing community you are!