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Big Mountain Benefit ~ Beauty Way Tour Coming to Ashland November 16, 2012

Concert and dance benefiting the 21st Annual Food and Supply Run to the Dine (Navajo) People Resisting Forced Relocation from their Ancestral Homelands on BIG MOUNTAIN.

Music by Clan Dyken, Alice DiMicele, The Human Revolution.

Friday, November 16, 7 p.m. doors open/7:30 p.m. show begins

Jackson Wellsprings Community Room, 2253 Hwy. 99 N., Ashland, Oregon.

$10-$20 sliding scale

co-sponsored by Peace Village Festival

For Info:

Spread the Word and Help Save the Beauty Way

"We Are Here" Event with Oregon Shakespeare Festival

Please join our R.E.D. community for an honoring of First Nations People with OSF and local participants.

Performances, spectacular bronze pour and speakers on the OSF Bricks Monday, October 29, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m.. Please click "read more" below!

Elder~Youth Conference Reflections, 2012

It is with happy appreciation that we reflect on our 7th Annual
Elder~Youth Conference, which took place June 27-30. There are times
in the ebbing and flowing through the years with Red Earth Descendants
that we are able to take pause and review our work within our
community. Our vision in R.E.D. has always been to join elders and
youth to teach and learn indigenous ways of sustainable living--to
find a way back to being human. For more of this story, scroll under photos and click "read more."

Our Elder~Youth Conference has once

7th Annual Elder~Youth Conference

Testimonial from Tasker Crow, age 17, R.E.D. member: As a Native youth, I have been going to our Elder~Youth Conference ever since it's been going on. We used to have it at EarthTeach Park, but now we do it with Grandma Aggie's Salmon Gathering. The things I like most about Elder~Youth is having a lot of different things to do and learn, like how to shoot a bow and arrow, how to dig out and burn out a traditional canoe, how to make fire and shelters, but my favorite thing is sitting around the fire at night listening to stories and singing.

Thank You To Whistling Elk Singers

R.E.D. would like to thank our home Drum, Whistling Elk Singers, for hitting the road many times a year and representing our community in a good way. The responsibility carried by members of this Drum is more than many people realize. They have, on average, two or more weekly commitments to attend, along with their jobs, school work and family responsibilities. Click "read more" under photos.

Thank You to Our Community for Supporting Grandma Aggie's Benefit

April 8, 2012

Last weekend, our community was given the great honor to host a
Benefit for Grandma Aggie and the incredibly important work she does
with the 13 International Indigenous Grandmothers. We sponsored a
"dinner, movie and music" evening to raise funds for these precious
elders and their gathering in Montana this coming July. Grandma Aggie
graced the audience with her presence and was able to give updates and
education about the work these Indigenous Grandmothers are doing
around the world to raise awareness of crucially important cultural

Spring Benefit for Grandma Aggie

Spring Benefit for Grandma Aggie and the 13 Indigenous Grandmothers
March 31, 2012
4 - 11 p.m.
Bellview Grange in Ashland
We will be serving dinner and showing the film about the Grandmothers~
"For The Next 7 Generations"
Speakers and Music will follow the film (Click "Read More" below this text for more!)

Will also feature the launching of the book, GHOST RIDER ROADS. Inside the American Indian Movement 1971-present,collected/by antoinette nora claypoole

this link goes to the info, below:

Contributors include:

2011 Storytelling Conference Reflections

We'd once again like to thank many of you for the participation,
prayers and energy that poured into our Storytelling Conference this year.
The success of the Conference was celebrated as a
community endeavor--we had a packed house and a beautiful gathering
with an abundance of storytelling and good cheer.

For the rest of the story, please scroll down below the photos and click onto "Read More!"

Whistling Elk Drum gathered the people with their songs, creating a
vibrant heartbeat for the gathering. Tom Smith honored the Hall with

Beauty Way Tour

Clan Dyken's 20th Annual
Thanks Giving Support Run to Big Mountain

Beauty Way Tour
Concert & Dance
Clan Dyken
Montana Soul
Thu, Nov 17, 8pm-12midnite
Jackson WellSprings Community Room
2253 Hwy 99 N, Ashland
$10-$20 sliding scale at the door

A benefit for the Big Mountain Dineh (Navajo) people
Ashland event co-sponsored by Peace Village Festival

in Williams
Fri, Nov 18th, 6:45pm
(6pm Organic Dinner, separately priced)
Williams Grange
20100 Williams Hwy, Williams, Oregon
(corner of Tetherow Rd.)
Music by

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