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Whistling Elk and White Hawk Singers' CD, "NO MATTER WHAT," Available Soon!

In collaboration with White Hawk Singers from Nespelem, Washington (Colville Rez), Whistling Elk Drum is in the process of professionally recording a new CD, "No Matter What," soon to be released. The CD will feature the complimentary styles of Southern (White Hawk) and Northern (Whistling Elk) Pow Wow songs. White Hawk and Whistling Elk befriended one another a few years ago at the Southern Oregon Veteran's Pow Wow. Since then, good relations have been made by the Drum families and the invitation to form a compilation of beautifully arranged songs has become a reality. As the CD release date come closer, we'll keep you all posted!

All earnings and proceeds from CD sales will go directly to the singers involved to meet recording and travel expenses, and to their families' needs.

We would like to thank the R.E.D. community for continually supporting Whistling Elk Singers throughout the years with all your encouragement and prayers! Without the love and purpose of our community, Whistling Elk would not have the heart for the People that helps give us all strength and happiness. The Drum thanks the People.