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Dan Wahpepah Construction

Dan Wahpepah Construction

Licensed since 1990, I am skilled in all phases in single family residential and home remodeling. Specializing in finishing stairs, woodwork, finish work and design. I Have been a lead framer for many years and have a broad knowledge on the inner workings of homes. I used to run my own Framing crew and siding crew but have let that go in favor of solo projects. Friendly and easy to work with.

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Dan Wahpepah
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1 (541) 890-3529
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1 (541) 512-2619
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nobody in this community has made any contact with me about food or ceremony or crafts available through my farm in years. The help fencing was great, but buffalo drums and meat and seeds, tea and biodynamic preps, wool for felting, spinning, mulching , insulation even, classes in home butchering, raising animals with ceremony, pipe ceremony, sweats, composting, alternative building(strawbale/cob) papercrete has all been ongoing and isolated from RED community by 1/2 hour drive. local sustainable living is not that far off.