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Stella Jane

This year 2010 will be my 50th year teaching beadwork!
Well I still love it, have little time to do any of it, but whenever someone
wants to learn, I make time to teach them. From many years of teaching, I've
found individual class works best, unless the persons are well acquainted, such
as sisters or good friends.

There are no set times, but I do teach seven separate classes. First is Beading
Basics, and if you bring me pieces you have already finished, then you might be
able to skip that one. Other classes are:
peyote stitch and advanced peyote stitch (the knitting form of beadwork)
triangle top earrings
mandala form (the circular crochet doiley of beadwork)
rosette for beginners
Finishing the beaded article, inclusions & mixed mediums
The truth of colors and numbers (esoteric and design elements)

Please send me your phone number and good callback times if you want to schedule
a class.

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Stella Jane
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