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Southern Oregon Artists Resource

The Southern Oregon Artists Resource seeks Native American Artists... It's always been our desire to provide a place for Native American artists, art organizations, festivals and events in our directories. We feel no representation of the Southern Oregon Art & Culture community is complete without including our local First Nations artists and created a category for your when we first designed the site.

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1 (541) 899-2012

Baker Bay Bead Co.

We have thousands of beads for hundreds of projects. We feature beads made of glass, bone, metal, stone and shell in many sizes and styles. Specializing in supplies for Native American Regalia. We have an extensive selection of Delicas, Charlotte Cuts, Seed Beads, Hex Cuts, Bugles, Faceted, Rounds and Crow Beads. Please enjoy looking through our online catalog @ If you don't see what you're looking for please let us know.

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1 (541) 942-3941

Photo Restoration

Have your photos restored, recolored or edited. You can have a background removed or replaced, have torn parts redone. The quality will depend on the original, of course, but no challange is too great.

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1 (530) 859-1296

Stella Jane

This year 2010 will be my 50th year teaching beadwork!
Well I still love it, have little time to do any of it, but whenever someone
wants to learn, I make time to teach them. From many years of teaching, I've
found individual class works best, unless the persons are well acquainted, such
as sisters or good friends.

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