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Transformation Arts

Tai Chi and Chi Gung instruction in the Lineage Original Method Style. Taught by 30+exp. teacher Michael Vasquez.

Transformation Arts envisions a formal structure for Self Health Care that embraces the relationship and connection of individual whole health of the mind/body/spirit, the shift in community/social standards that reflects self health care in our inter-personal relationships and the awareness of our actions and impact on shared environments.

We offer classes in Ashland and Medford Oregon:

* Tai Chi and Qigong Fundamentals
* Beginning Qigong - Shibashi
* Tai Chi for Fall Reduction and Fall Prevention
* Lineage Level Tai Chi Instruction - "Original Method"
* Water Method Basics

Ashland Tai Chi Classes: Ashland Tai Chi
Ashland Qigong Classes: Ashland Qigong
Science Based Research for Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga:Tai Chi University

Primary Contact: 
Michael Vasquez
Primary Phone: 
1 (541) 219-5184
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