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Work party for Four Eagles Farm

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010 - 10:00am - 3:00pm
Four Eagles Farm
9211 5th Ave. East
Montague, CA, 96064
(530) 4593707

I make this plea in a prayer for the buffalo nation and thereby, for all nations.

Devon, of Four Eagles Farm, is still hobbling around on crutches due to a knee infection. He is happy that there will be relatives willing to help him in his current situation. He has turned to antibiotics to supplement Amy's good care and he hopes to have a good measure of recovery soon. But Wednesday, may be too soon to expect full "knee-participation". All help that keeps that knee protected is highly valued.

The WORK DAY is set for Wednesday, January 27. Showing up at 10 am and going for several hours would be a tremendous help.

BRING: boots, gloves and remember it may be rainy and wet. If you plan to work hard, you'll stay warm but winds get really gusty there in the open plains. You know yourself best.

The main goal is to get the fence up that will be able to separate the sheep from the buffalo and keep both herd and flock strong! The sheep are sharing an illness that the buffalo have little to no resistance to but the sheep can easily weather. When a buffalo gets this, it is untreatable and 90% die ...and die quickly.

Phone Wiley or Didar for carpools etc. Many hands make quick work.

FOUR EAGLES FARM is a small farm with an experienced owner steeped in biodynamics and traditional ceremony for raising health and help in the community. Devon is highly skilled: animal skills(farrier, shearer), recycling and alternative lifestyles for the common person. Local sales/services only, no credit cards, wholesale, or mass marketing. We raise our own seed, animals, starts and soil fertility on a small sustainable scale. We support a heritage breeding of bison and some sheep for triple purpose(lamb,milk,wool) developing value added products for local sales(wool and bison crafts).