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Traditional Nimi'ipuu (Nez Pierce) Long House

Event Details
Sunday, September 19, 2010 - 9:45am - 1:00pm
Old Siskiyou Barn
2600 Old Highway 99 So.
Ashland, OR, 97520
(541) 2018101


Red Earth Descendants will hold monthly LongHouse at the Ole Siskiyou Barn

LongHouse Starts @ 9:45am and follows with a potluck, please bring a dish. LongHouse attire is traditionally skirts/dress and a shawl for women and long sleeve shirt/pants and vest for men; this is a suggestion only. Traditional Buckskins are also appropriate.

JULY 18th





Roy Hayes Jr/ Loo'ting coom coom seen is a member of the Nimi'ipuu People (Nez Pierce) out of Lapwai,Idaho .Having grown up with the Wasit (7 Drum ) Tradition of the LongHouse, he is the one of the Keepers of this NorthWest Coast prayer ceremony. He is the great great grandson of the well known Leader/Teacher Chief Joseph, spending much of his childhood with his Grandparents as a fisherman earning him the name the “Blue Heron/the Fisherman” (Loo'ting coom coom seen). His brother Horace Axell and him revived the LongHouse Tradition after a period of time when the ceremony was lost, fought for hunting and fishing rights for his people, opposed the casino and divsions of his people and stood for the Traditional ways of his people. He has taught for OSU as a language and cultural teacher,worked with both Native and Non-native people tirelessly giving of his time and traditional ways. As an Elder,Traditional Man Dancer, Whip Man, LongHouse Leader, Story-Teller, Regalia Maker and Teacher, we are honored to have him come and spend time here and share in his teachings.

Uncle Roy is a traditional teacher and will be accompanied by his LongHouse drummers who are being taught to carry on the tradition. When possible, he will come down to lead this ceremony or his nephews will fill in as needed. Please come and join us if you feel to pray in this shared West Coast Native ceremony...All are welcome.
For more information, Please call: (541) 201-8101 / Michael

Directions to Old Siskiyou Barn

2600 Old Highway 99 So.
Ashland OR 97520 541- 488-4050

From Downtown Ashland:
Take Siskiyou Blvd to Ashland St (Hwy 66)
Continue over the Hwy 5 overpass.
The Old Siskiyou Barn is about 7 miles from this point.

From Medford / Hwy I-5 Southbound:
Take the 2nd Ashland exit - Exit 14
TURN LEFT onto Hwy 66
The Old Siskiyou Barn is about 7 miles from this point.

From Hwy I-5 Northbound:
Take the Ashland exit - Exit 14
TURN Right onto Hwy 66 East
The Old Siskiyou Barn is about 7 miles from this point.

Continue on Hwy 66 – 5.15 miles

-Pass Chevron station on right
-Pass Secure Storage on left
-Pass Dead Indian Memorial Rd on left
-Pass turnoff to Emigrant Lake on left

Approx 2 mi past Emigrant Lake turnoff
TURN RIGHT onto Old Siskiyou Hwy / Hwy 99 South

Drive 1.8 mi
On the right-hand side of the road, look for a yellow
“Hidden Driveway” sign
Immediately past the sign, there is a driveway -TURN RIGHT.

There will be signs.
First driveway on LEFT is the OLD SISKIYOU BARN # 2600