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Welcome to our new website.

If you notice any bugs or issues, please comment here.


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cool website

Bravo for everyone who is involved in creating this site. It is beautiful, informative and interactive. Thanks for putting so much time, effort and heart into creating this.

cool website ditto!

Big thanks to both Zac and Michael for putting dozens (if not hundreds) of hours into the thought and creativity behind this site. It is a quantum leap for us in R.E.D. and we look forward to more efficient interaction and communication through our new lens here.

new website

looks good, seems to work fine, am giving it a run through!

RED Stream

I must be doing something incorrectly. Are we supposed to be able to click on "RED Stream" and get the equivalent to streaming emails?
Looks great. I really like the photos of events.

The RED stream just shows the

The RED stream just shows the most current items from RED...just go through it and see what is up. Its complimentary to the RED emails..not a replacement.

Contacts Link Broken

I have tried to contact the webmaster, but I get the "Links Broken" error message.

Regarding this

could you provide a URL or link to the broken page? is the official place to contact the RED organization.