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Native Harvest Gathering

You are invited to our annual Native Harvest Gathering Saturday, October 23, starting at 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the SOU Student Family Housing Community Room, 1361 Quincy Street in Ashland. Our Feast will be served at 4 p.m.. Please see the calendar above for more details.

Much like last year, we will have hands-on workshops and demonstrations focusing on food preservation and the re-localization of growing and gathering indigenous foods in our region. The R.E.D. Community Garden will provide hard corn to grind and cook with (cornbreads and tortillas), as well as squash and beans from the garden. Our Community Garden has grown the "Three Sisters," corn, beans and squash. The format of the Gathering is to bring what you can from your own gardens (or if you don't have a garden, bring something locally grown) and we'll combine what we all bring to make the Feast. This will give us the chance to prepare and cook the Feast as a community, which we will then share later in the afternoon as the culmination of the Harvest Gathering.


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Harvesting meat from

Harvesting meat from indigenous animals, like buffalo. teaching classes on local hands on organic raised animals, learn to kill, skin, gut and cut and wrap your own animal. I teach classes every fall, last weekend every month until I run out of lambs, class is $150 and includes instruction and 1/2 lamb for your freezer, lasts two days, 2-3 hrs a day( evening and next morning.)
Notice; nurjamilla! you must contact me asap to recieve this years Whitelegs memorial givaway! free class. 1/2 lamb includes shanks, bbq ribs, stew, roast and chops.about 30 lbs( retail cuts: about$300 worth)