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Whistling Elk family had an AMAZING trip to Wisconsin this past summer. We will be sharing more about the journey as we gather our thoughts, photos, journals and memories of the trip. The trip allowed several people to reunite with relatives and homelands, from Wyoming to South Dakota to Minneapolis to Wisconsin. It was a magical time shared and given to the Drum and its singers, and every stop along the way was meaningful and special to us. Much learned, much appreciated about family ties to back home places. Please click "read more" under picture. We thank our community for all the support you've given the Drum over the years and helping make possible this trek across the country. We also thank the LCO Honor the Earth Powwow Committee on the rez in Wisconsin, donations to Whistling Elk Singers over the past year, our gracious hosts along the way, and a generous grant from Potlatch Fund~all these efforts together made the trip possible. Pictures and stories soon. . .we promise!


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What an amazing time you must

What an amazing time you must have had! I can only imagine what it is like to return to the land of your ancestors! Such an experience, that "wow" of wonderment, I experienced when the boat first pulled into the port of the land of my ancestors - and I was only nine. Trying to visualize the historic steps taken there... looks from the picture you did that too!