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Whistling Elk @ Nespelem, WA New Years Pow Wow 2010

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Final Contest Song. Out in the middle during an intertribal, on the drum we could have won. Got 2nd....


outta 2! eh :)


Whistling Elk

I am very proud of our singing crew and drum. This is a new year with new beginings for a lot of us. It makes my heart soar when our drum can travel to new places and learn new traditions. I found something new in my life also as my brothers and sisters travelled the Pow Wow Road. More to come at the next social. Love you all.

Thank you,
James/ Tahca Chanku (Deer Roads)

Washington trip

Thanks, Trisha! It was amazing--very hard to put into words, but I tried to summarize some of it in this piece. We will carry this good medicine for a very long time, and again can not express how much we appreciate having the opportunity to go up there.

Drum trip

I canʻt even express the magnitude of what I sensed watching and reading this in the specialness of this trip and the significance of the new jingle dress dancer. Tears of sweetness and thanks to Creator.