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Winter Garden is Underway

One of the many blessings gifted to R.E.D. is the use of a piece of land out along Wagner Creek Road for our Community Garden. Now that the corn, beans and squash is all harvested, we have decided to plant a winter garden, which is currently underway. We've pulled the corn stalks for more mulching/composting and we've planted some hearty winter crops, including garlic, fava beans, spinach, kale and parsnips. We'd once again like to open participation up to our community. There is a LOT of space for planting, and many other vegetables that do well this season, so if you'd like to join our garden crew and work on a winter garden, please contact us at:

Thank you, stay warm and happy winter planting!


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Hello, is this information

Hello, is this information still accurate? How does one get to the garden? And what logistics are there for helping out with it? Thanks~