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Feather Blessing this Sunday, March 28, 2010

You are invited to participate in the next Feather Blessing at the Prayer Pole (sculpture) in downtown Ashland (on Main St. at the base of Church St.) this Sunday, March 28 at Noon.

Native Games Wrap-Up

This past Spring Equinox weekend marked our 4th annual Native Games Tournament, hosted this year by Red Earth Descendants, the Native American Student Union of SOU and the Ashland Youth Council. We'd like to extend our appreciation and thank you's to the MANY people who helped bring the Games, once again, to the community in such a good way. It was a beautiful gathering--for the youth and the elders and all us in-betweeners.

Native Games

R.E.D., in collaboration with NASU of SOU and the Ashland Youth Council, will host our annual Native Games Event March 20, kicking off at Noon (with a Women's Community Meeting at 9:45 a.m. and the field "open" to help and set-up all morning).

Location: the SOU practice baseball fields on the corners of Walker Ave. and Iowa St. in Ashland. Please park at the Ashland Middle School, then cross Walker Ave. over to the fields.

Slide Show of Native Beadwork

At this month's social (Saturday, March 6 at 5 p.m., SOU Student Family Housing Community Room, 1361 Quincy St. in Ashland), Benson Lanford will present a 40 / 45-minute slide program of Masterpieces of historic American Indian beadwork from most cultural areas-- Eastern Woodlands, Southeast, Great Lakes, Prairie, Plains, Plateau and even the Southwest. There will be some wonderful images to enjoy and to be inspired by. We'll have just a taste of the wonderful beadwork that Indian peoples have produced in different regions. We may possibly use this to jump-start a beading workshop.

Taking Down Upcoming Events

Greetings Community,

We're having technical difficulties with our "Upcoming Events" feature. It has been disabled for now. Please just click the "Calendar" link above to see a better view of what is going on. Thanks.


The Fence is Up at Four Eagles Farm

Six volunteers arrived at Devon’s buffalo farm to help strengthen beams and posts, and set a new fence that will keep the sheep from entering the buffalo area. The weather was cloudy at first, but brightened up and ended up a beautiful day. New photos are posted – click on the images tab. (They appear backwards, from last to first.)

Four Eagles Farm Calls for Help

This Wednesday, 1/27/10, at 10 am, we will be joining our friend Devon in serving the needs of a small herd of buffalo by building a fence on his farm in Montague, CA. The main goal is to get the fence up that will be able to separate the sheep from the buffalo and keep both herd and flock strong. The sheep are sharing an illness that the buffalo have little to no resistance to but the sheep can easily weather. When a buffalo gets this, it is untreatable and 90% die ...and die quickly.

Whistling Elk @ Nespelem, WA New Years Pow Wow 2010

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Final Contest Song. Out in the middle during an intertribal, on the drum we could have won. Got 2nd....


outta 2! eh :)

Storytelling Conference 2009 Reflections. . .

Reflections on the Storytelling Conference. . .

Native American Student Union (NASU) of SOU


R.E.D. collaborates on an ongoing basis with the Native American Student Union (NASU) at Southern Oregon University in Ashland, Oregon. NASU hosts a "Welcome Back" Tribal Gathering and Pow Wow the week before Thanksgiving each year, in which R.E.D. has participated the last few years. This year R.E.D. hosted a Giveaway to local Tribes, Elders and Community leaders who reach out in the community to share traditions, teachings, stories and skills. We gifted members of the Klamath, Karuk, Hupa, Yurok, Warm Springs, Siletz and Takelma Peoples. We also gifted members of the SOU Native community, honoring Professors David West and Brent Florendo, along with Brent's student Drum. Our Giveaway theme included preserved food from our R.E.D. Community Garden Harvest.

R.E.D. collaborates also with Unete, who hosted the second annual "Corn Festival" at this year's NASU Tribal Gathering, honoring South American corn traditions and the importance of corn as a sacred food. R.E.D. and Unete form a non-profit entity, "Natives of One Wind Indigenous Alliance."

Other joint activities with NASU include the Stickball Games (Shinny) hosted most Sundays at 1 p.m. in Lithia Park, as well as helping to support the Annual Spring Pow Wow in April of each year.

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