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The Trading Post is a open venue for Fair trade, exchange, service and giving. Unlike other venues, we encourage the user's to “inform” rather than “market & advertise”. The premise is that Honest Business is based on the needs of others and the services/resources being made available. The “act of exchange” is in direct relation to cause & effect and we may come to our own “shared agreements” on how to balance our giving/receiving, buying/selling, trade/exchanges. Word-of-mouth slowly starts to replace marketing & advertising and we become accountable and considerate with others through the act of exchange. In community, our actions reflect our intentions and “customer satisfaction” becomes a part of the measure of Good Business & Fair Trade & Exchange. We don't need an “Alternate Currency System” we need to re-work how we do Business, how we give, how to serve & share... We are exploring our return to inter-dependence and re-vamping our interpretation of what it means to “have enough” and how we go about getting that. We are asked to willingly engage our conscience, to simply reflect on the other person's position in our business dealings, and engage in Fair Trade & Exchange.

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Trading Post

Format: 2020-05-24
Format: 2020-05-24
Format: 2020-05-24

[WANTED] - Xbox Original

Wanted Details

Wanting an old original xbox in working condition - doesn't need cables/games/connectors if you don't have them.

Phone Number: 
(541) 7081163